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Starting Price $1895: LPCR2 Semi-automatic, WIFI, English, Handle

This complete and connected AED response system is expertly designed for user confidence. The CR2 is easy to use and the only AED that allows CPR compressions during heart rhythm analysis. 

Choose from our selection of LIFEPAK CR2 AEDs

  • LPCR2 Semi-automatic, WIFI, English, Bag
  • LPCR2 Semi-automatic, WIFI, English, Handle
  • LPCR2 Semi-automatic, WIFI, English-Spanish, Bag
  • LPCR2 Semi-automatic, WIFI, English-Spanish, Handle
  • LPCR2 Fully-automatic, WIFI, English, Bag
  • LPCR2 Fully-automatic, WIFI, English, Handle
  • LPCR2 Fully-automatic, WIFI, English-Spanish, Bag
  • LPCR2 Fully-automatic, WIFI, English-Spanish, Handle

LIFEPAK CR2 Semi-Automatic AED

$3,057.00 Regular Price
$2,255.90Sale Price
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